Municipality of Grândola Library, Portugal

Completion Date: December 2021

Client: Municipality of Grandola

Architect: Matos Gameiro Arquitectos & Pedro Domingos Arquitectos

System: Diathonite Acoustix, Diathonite Evolution, Argacem HP & Ultrafine & Acrilid (Skim Coats)

Located within the Setúbal District of Portugal, Grandola is a town and municipality which contains a population of just 17,500 in an area of 825.94 km2. The Roman era archaeological remains are the most significant in terms of the region’s cultural legacy, especially the fish-salting tanks discovered in Tróia, which date to the beginning of the first century AD. Within the region, the newly refurbished library, and municipality archive of Grândola is characterized by the group of palm trees that structure the facility previously known as Praça da República. The library has undergone renovation on the exterior and interior to include more innovative and ecological solutions which offer additional benefits throughout the entire facility and Diasen’s Diathonite Acoustix and Diathonite Evolution were selected for this purpose.

Diathonite Acoustix and Evolution are both eco-friendly, cork-based thermal systems which are spray applied in two coats at 1.5cm each, finishing at 3cm each. The systems were chosen for its thermal and porous qualities to allow any sound waves to reach the surface and remain inside the system, reducing echoing throughout the facility and improving overall sound quality. Diathonite Acoustix is breathable system which supports internal humidity levels and ensures that they are properly balanced to prevent the growth of moisture and mold. In addition to the first two coats, Argacem HP lime-based transpiring smoothing plaster (Skim Coat) was applied to ensure each surface was less textured and uniform improving the sound insulation and remaining absorbent of sound reverberations within each area of the facility. The system is also Class A1 fire rating according to UNI EN ISO 13501-1. With any prestigious government project, the design, sustainability, and turnaround requirements are crucial and Diathonite Acoustix was the perfect solution to surpass all of the above standards.

Diathonite Acoustix and Evolution are only two of the many cork-based innovative products which our skilled workforce have tested and mastered over many  years of applications. The outstanding results from this project will continue to astound visitors of the Municipality Library and thanks to Diasen’s premium materials, will continue to provide a peaceful experience to visitors of the library.