Net Community – Pool Deck

Completion Date: November 2023

Area Applied: 980 m2

Client: Al Fardan Group

System: Resineo (Resin-bound Aggregates)

Net Community is one of the earliest residential buildings to be created in Oud Metha. The building is designed as a U-shaped block spanning four floors up, with a staggered massing that cascades down to meet a cylindrical corner mass. The building appears quite monolithic from the exterior, but the private interior courtyard is a jewel feature, offering a lushly landscaped space with a leisure pool that feels private and protected from the outside. This courtyard combined with the exceptionally spacious and well-planned nature of the actual apartments makes this project a residential gem of Oud Metha.

Our team was involved with Al Fardan Group to select the most efficient system for the flooring of the swimming pool deck, both functional and aesthetically. Resineo Drain system was chosen. Resineo Drain systems are designed to be permeable, allowing water to drain through the surface. This feature is beneficial for managing surface water runoff and preventing puddles. The system incorporates a variety of decorative aggregates, in this case coloured natural quartz. This allowed for a variety of design, including different aggregate colours. Resineo Drain system is known for its durability and resistance to heavy foot traffic and vehicular loads. The resin acts as a strong bonding agent that helps hold the aggregates in place. The system is resistant to Ultraviolet radiations, which means it will not discolour overtime under the effect of direct sunlight. Resineo Drain system is extremely low-maintenance. Regular cleaning is usually sufficient to keep the surface looking good, and the permeable nature helps prevent the growth of moss and algae.

Our workforce, highly experienced with our selection of exclusive materials, were able to support our client with achieving their required finish and greatly improve the customer experience within the complex. Whether it be decorative, industrial or hygienic products, our vast knowledge within the construction industry reflects throughout all of our application with the team’s impressive attention to detail and passion towards each project.  With our beautifully crafted finishes continuing to impress our extensive list of prestigious clients, Duphill’s applications will continue to speak volumes and contribute to the development of our legacy.