Nikken Sekkei Office

Completion Date: February 2023

Area Applied: 220m2

Client: Inner Space

System: Decorkrete

Nikken Sekkei is a pioneering architectural firm with a global reputation for design excellence. With headquarters in Tokyo and a legacy spanning over a century, Nikken Sekkei has left an indelible mark on the construction industry. Their multidisciplinary approach encompasses architecture, urban planning, and interior design, consistently delivering innovative solutions that harmonize functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. Renowned for iconic projects ranging from skyscrapers to cultural landmarks, Nikken Sekkei combines cutting-edge technology with a deep respect for cultural and social contexts. The firm’s commitment to shaping a better world through design has spread internationally and has now reached Dubai. The new office for the prestigious architectural firm is located in the heart of design, Design District, and our workforce were honored to support the construction process.

Decorkrete flooring introduces a world of elegance and durability. This innovative flooring solution seamlessly combines aesthetics and resilience, offering a range of customizable designs suitable for various spaces. Whether in residential or commercial settings, Decorkrete’s versatility shines through, providing a unique blend of style and sturdiness. Its advanced composition ensures longevity while adding a touch of sophistication to interiors. Ideal for those seeking a high-performance yet visually appealing flooring option, Decorkrete stands as a testament to the marriage of form and function in modern design.

Our team’s remarkable skills and forward-looking creativity consistently captivate clients, transforming concepts into refined achievements. Our projects are centered on client satisfaction, going the extra mile with a range of material, color, and finish options that seamlessly match their design aspirations. Each team member contributes uniquely to an unparalleled synergy, poised to redefine the design and construction industry with remarkable outcomes.