Nudra by IMKAN – Al Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi

Completion Date: July 2022

Area Applied: 450 m2

Client: McLaren Construction

System: Rasico®

With a portfolio of over 26 projects across three continents, the Abu Dhabi-based real estate developer IMKAN has established a solid reputation internationally with its eccentric residential properties and prime living locations. Nudra Villa’s is IMKAN’s newest luxury property development which identifies the needs and desires of their customer range, from millennials looking to start their way onto the property ladder to high-net-worth individuals, looking to purchase their new holiday home. Nudra will be home to 37 bespoke villas, each coming with endless amenities such as private beach access, gym & pool facilities, children’s play areas and more. The development allows buyers to live a beachfront community lifestyle which is tucked inside Saadiyat Island’s cultural district. To support the high-end quality of life that Nudra offers, our workforce was selected to deliver an exterior finish unlike any other.

Rasico®, supplied by our partners at Ideal Work, was selected due to its incomparable durability and unlimited colour/texture varieties. Due to the hand trowel application method, the Rasico® system is embedded with large aggregates that, once sanded by a professional installer, exposes a flame-like pattern which supports the overall hard-wearing qualities that the product offers. After recognising the requirements made by the client, our team identified this to be the perfect solution as it promises minimal site wastage, a fast turnaround and is extremely resistant to UV rays, heavy impact and water penetration. The flooring system was applied to the exterior areas of the villas to create a seamless and uniform surface with unrepeatable textures throughout.

With over a decade of experience, our workforce can recognise the best solutions for our clients needs. If a project requires specific hard-wearing qualities along with highly decorative surface, we have the ability to supply and apply the ideal solution with ease, making the specification process easier and reducing the timeframe of sample production and approvals. During our applications over the years, our craftsmen have perfected the methods of applying  each of our unique products and have the expertise that will achieve any desired finish.