Oman Pavilion – Expo 2020

Completion Date: 2021

Areas Applied: 9 Benches & 1 Stage

Client: Marcoms ME

System: Microtopping®

Expo 2020; home to various pavilions from different countries around the world. Each pavilion offering different insight to the country’s current innovations and future aspirations. Oman secured a pavilion within the Mobility District of Expo 2020, with a key focus on the development of materials within the country. With thousands of years of progression and international collaborations, the pavilion will be displaying the varied ways frankincense has benefited Oman, including the benefits it has brought to food, cosmetics, and medicine.

Due to its decorative and durable qualities, Microtopping® was chosen and applied to 9 benches and 1 stage within the Oman pavilion. Applied at 2-3mm, the product was the perfect solution to create a cement-like finish without the drawbacks of traditional cement. The light application allowed the seating to hold the Microtopping® on top of its surface whilst still obtaining the extreme durability to handle the consistent traffic it will be facing from the visitors of Expo 2020. Using Microtopping® also allowed us to create a seamless, smooth surface, reducing the build-up of bacteria and guaranteeing an easy to clean area for the pavilion. Supplied by our partners at Ideal Work, the material has proven to be impeccable to all surfaces. Be it walls, floors, ceilings or furniture, the material is exceptional for all purposes and offers an “unrepeatable beauty”.

With our team, all highly qualified with our niche materials, were able to give the Oman Pavilion a new, eye-catching aesthetic for the many visitors of Expo 2020 to appreciate. Our knowledge and experience are what separates us from our competitors.