Places Where Polished Concrete Can Be Used

Polished concrete has emerged as a cornerstone material for both residential and commercial spaces. Prized for its remarkable compatibility with various construction materials and its inherent decorative charm, polished concrete has found usage as a decorative commercial flooring that also comes with a wide range of options. 

However, before delving into the diverse applications of polished concrete floors, it is essential to understand what this material entails and how it contributes to the aesthetic enhancement and appeal of commercial spaces.

What is polished concrete?

To create polished concrete floors, the concrete floor is mechanically honed, ground, and polished with different kinds of bonded abrasives for cutting the concrete floor’s hard surface. Various kinds of refinements are then carried out with each cut to achieve a specific kind of appearance. Finally, polished concrete is obtained by mixing different kinds of additives, aggregates, pigments and water. A dye is added to a layer of refined cement and is then further polished with a special machine. 

Polished concrete usually has a thickness of approximately 5 millimetres and is a perfect choice for exteriors and interiors of both commercial and residential concrete floors. Along with being versatile and enhancing the visual appeal of commercial space, polished concrete also offers extreme durability and functionality. The material is highly robust and resistant to damage. As a result, it is an ideal choice for areas which experience high traffic and footfall such as retail spaces. Moreover, polished concrete floors can prove to be quite economical when it comes to large manufacturing facilities. 

Besides being used in commercial properties, the use of polished concrete floors in homes is gaining immense popularity as well. Apart from the living area, such floors can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, porch, driveway, etc. 

Common commercial places where polished concrete floors are used

Polished concrete floors have become a preferred choice for many commercial properties because of the features they come with. Here are some places where such floors are seen:

  • Office Spaces

If you are thinking of upgrading the flooring of your office space, you cannot go wrong with polished concrete. These floors are available in various finishes and colours, and you can choose the one that syncs best with your interior design. This flooring option ensures the health of the office employees as there is no scope for allergens and debris to get trapped in these floors. 

  • Schools

The footfall and traffic in schools are quite high with children walking and running around all over the place. There is also constant movement of furniture like chairs and desks on the floors. For its durability and hardness, concrete floors can be installed in all places in a school. The floor can also be customised by using the school’s mascot in the design to enhance the appearance of the space significantly. 

  • Warehouses

Having stylish and nice flooring in warehouses is a complete waste. Various kinds of machines, operating equipment and vehicles are used in warehouses, which have a chance of damaging the warehouse floor. Polished concrete floors incur no such damage whatsoever. Because of easy maintenance and durability, concrete floors are perfect for warehouses. This material is a great choice for outlining safety zones too. 

  • Retail stores

Foot traffic in retail stores is quite high. Polished concrete floors are an ideal choice for such spaces because of their ability to handle the footfall. With their various finishes, polished concrete matches with different retail store settings and designs, making the floors aesthetically appealing. Due to their light-reflecting attribute, they also play a pivotal role in brightening up the space. 

  • Gas stations and grocery stores

Stains and stubborn droppings are common in grocery stores and gas stations. These floors are a safe option as they are completely spilling and stain-resistant and ensure the safety of customers as well. Because of easy maintenance and cleaning, these floors can be kept clean easily. Hence, if you are seeking affordable and efficient flooring solutions for covering a large area like gas stations or grocery stores, there is none better than polished concrete floors. These floors can be installed in almost every part of the store or gas station. 

  • Commercial gyms

The flooring in commercial gyms needs to be solid. Various workout equipment, weights and other materials are placed on the gym floor. Moreover, the foot traffic in commercial gyms is quite high. While working out, gym members sweat a lot. The floor in the gym should be such that it maintains hygiene standards and is easy to clean. For such establishments, polished concrete floors are a great choice. 

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The Final Polish!

If you are looking to revamp your commercial space flooring, look no further than polished concrete floors. Apart from being affordable in terms of polished concrete floors cost, these floors add a unique dimension to commercial flooring. 

Contact us at Duphill Technical Solutions LLC for installing high-quality polished concrete floors in various commercial settings. You can also grab attractive deals on such floor installations. Endow the responsibility on us and see how we transform your commercial space flooring!