Polished Concrete Floors – What Is Concrete Polishing?


If you are looking for a customizable and versatile flooring material that provides an industrial sophistication to your workplace, look no further than the polished concrete floors. Polished concrete is a no-wax flooring material with superior durability and performance compared to cement. With the use of superior technology, the concrete floorings are ground to provide them with a high gloss finish. These floorings are widely used for retail stores, commercial warehouses and office spaces to add the smooth, high, lustre floor suitable for high-traffic areas.

Before diving further into this topic, let us first understand what polished concrete is.

What is polished concrete?

It is a process wherein the concrete floor is mechanically ground using heavy-duty machines to provide them with the desired shine and smoothness. It creates a look that is quite similar to sanding wood.

Let us now understand where we can use the polished concrete floorings.


These are some of the most common places where one can use polished concrete:

  • Large warehouses and warehouse outlets
  • Office buildings
  • Retail stores
  • Auto showrooms
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Private residences

Polished Concrete Floors

Let us now talk about the benefits of Polished concrete flooring


These days, several big stores, educational institutions and medical facilities are increasingly opting for polished concrete for their floors because of its aesthetical beauty and value. Here are some of the benefits of polished concrete floorings:

Highly Durable: 

Polished concrete floorings are solid and resilient to hefty foot traffic and equipment. These floorings can easily withstand the pressure of heavy machinery in commercial spaces and are very difficult to damage. These polished concrete floorings can resist the marks of heavy machinery and equipment and are resistant to oil or chemical spills and stains. These floorings are not susceptible to scratch or chip; this makes them an ideal flooring material for commercial spaces.

Easy to maintain:

Polished concrete floors are durable and can last you a lifetime, but these floorings do need a little maintenance to keep them looking shiny and beautiful. Polished floors are easy to clean; one can clean them using a damp mop every few days. These floorings do not require any future coating or waxing, saving you a lot of time and expense. They also have a longer service life compared to concrete floorings.

Moisture Resistant

Polished concrete allows the floors to breathe, unlike tiles, where the concrete is sealed off completely. This makes these floors resistant to any moisture transmission issues.

Highly reflective

These floorings are highly reflective and will make your commercial spaces look bright, clean and professional. These floorings also reduce the lighting requirements, thereby saving your electricity cost.


The cost of these floorings depends upon several factors like the area to be covered, the preparation needed, the complexity of the project and the design opted by the client.  However, these floorings are highly durable, last longer and have a minimal maintenance cost. All these factors make polished concrete floorings highly cost-effective.


Polished concrete floors may look very smooth and sleek, but they are less slippery than polished marble or waxed linoleum floors and are entirely safe for walking. To avoid any slip and fall accidents, having non-slippery floors in public facilities is essential.

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These smooth surfaces are highly customizable. One can explore a wide range of colours and designs. One can also choose to have these floorings with radical lines, grids, borders or any other design as per their preference. The polished concrete company uses a variety of stains and dyes to enhance the already existing polished concrete.

Several polished concrete floor finishes like the satin finish or the high gloss finish are used to provide sheen to the surface. Opt for a finish that meets your aesthetic requirements and requires less maintenance.

Talk to an expert to get some colouring ideas; one can choose from a wide variety of dyes, stains, graphics, engravings or faux finishes. All these versatile options make polished concrete an excellent flooring material.


A well-laid-out flooring can drastically improve the aesthetics of a place. If you are looking for durable floorings that are cost-effective and easy to maintain, then you can consider going for polished concrete flooring. Almost any flooring that is sound and made of concrete can be polished to convert it into a polished concrete flooring.

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