Pros and Cons of Epoxy Flooring for Homes

The increasing popularity of epoxy flooring for homes must have convinced you to get it for your residential community project. But, before you move forward with the application process, it is essential to know both sides of these flooring solutions. 

As a leading flooring application company, Duphill Technical Solutions Limited recommends you always make informed flooring choices. So, if you are considering epoxy flooring for your residential community project, you must know about the pros and cons of epoxy floors. This blog will list all the significant advantages and disadvantages of these flooring solutions. So, start reading below. 

Pros and Cons of Epoxy Flooring for Homes

Pros and Cons of Epoxy Floor

Examine both the pros and cons of epoxy flooring for homes before you make your decision. 


Below are the most significant benefits of epoxy floors for homes.


The bright and delightful appearance of these floors is a significant reason that convinces residential project owners to choose these floor coatings. They offer a smooth and even surface. In addition to enhanced appearance, the smooth surface also makes cleaning easy. 


Affordable epoxy flooring pricing is another advantage of these flooring solutions. Its cost per square foot is much less than other options. Epoxy coatings are directly applied over concrete or other flooring types. As a result, the installation cost is quite affordable. 


Epoxy floors are highly resistant to almost everything. They are resistant to bleach, oil, gasoline, cleansers and transmission fluids. As a result, spills of such substances at homes will no longer make the homeowners worried or damage the floors. The epoxy coating is also heat and water-resistant. Additionally, it is resistant to bacteria and germs. Such floors are easy to sanitise. 


People widely choose epoxy flooring Dubai due to their unbeatable durability. This floor coating has a long life span. Its resistance properties have helped it maintain its premium quality and appearance for years. They completely protect the concrete or wood flooring underneath them, offering durable and long-lasting flooring. 


Epoxy flooring is also appreciated for its protective nature. It provides complete protection to concrete floors from grease, cracks, stains and moisture. In the long run, this saves you a lot of time and money. They act as a protective covering for the floor layer underneath them that might need frequent maintenance if exposed to certain substances.  


Epoxy floor coatings offer you complete customisation freedom. They are available in various colours and stains. So, if you wish to decorate the floors of your project, this is the best flooring solution for you. The flawless, elegant and smooth finish of these floor coatings blend perfectly with the beautiful home. Also, you can give a personalised touch to the floors by choosing preferred designs and patterns. 

Although epoxy flooring for homes offers several benefits, there are some disadvantages you must be aware of. The most significant drawbacks of this floor coating are listed in the following section of this guide. 


Epoxy floors have the following disadvantages. 


Epoxy coating is quite sensitive and can get easily scratched. Also, their installation guide must be followed strictly. If not followed, the coatings will not last long. Removing paint overspray is quite challenging from these coatings. 


Epoxy floor coatings are not always slip-resistant. If you have an oil-covered epoxy coating, it can be very slippery. These flooring also become slippery when wet. However, this disadvantage is not universal and can be mitigated by using textured coatings. 


Preparing the existing floors for epoxy application is a tedious process. It requires a lot of effort. The floors are required to be cleaned to remove grease, solvents and oil thoroughly. The cracks are also required to be filled. However, this disadvantage won’t affect you if you hire trusted applicators like Duphill for epoxy coatings. We professionally prepare your existing floors for epoxy application to ensure durability. 


Before applying epoxy coatings, the existing floors must be cleaned and dried thoroughly. If not, the coating will adhere to the floor. It does not adhere in a moist environment. The epoxy coating easily peels off in such cases. 


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Summing Up

Epoxy floors are highly advantageous for home flooring. However, Duphill does not ignore the fact that these coatings have some drawbacks. This blog has introduced you to the advantages and disadvantages of these flooring solutions. But, it is crucial to understand that the drawbacks of epoxy flooring will not affect you if you choose us for application. These disadvantages will only affect you if you choose to do the coating yourself or hire an unprofessional applicator for the job. With Duphill Technical Solutions LLC, epoxy floor coatings will only be about their advantages for you.