Rerotti Spa & Wellness

Completion Date: August 2021

Area Applied: 32 m2

Client: The Wellness Technical Services LLC

System: Microtopping®

The Els Club, renowned as “One of the finest golfing destinations in the Middle East”, is home to a beautiful 7,538-yard golf course, restaurants, conference areas and male/female hair salons. Designed by former US Open Championship winner, Ernie Els, the location is a prime attraction for competent golfers all the way to casual visitors looking to explore Ernie’s own diverse tastes throughout the various amenities. To accompany the Rerotti hair salons, The Els has begun developing the Rerotti Wellness & Spa area which will contain a collection of relaxation stations for the visitors to unwind after a long day on the golf course, with the steam bath, sauna, and masseuse facilities.

Duphill were thrilled to be a part of this project, since the entire area was specified as Microtopping®, a beautiful product and grand contribution to Duphill’s legacy. Supplied by our partners at Ideal Work, Microtopping® was chosen for its ability to create a modern concrete-like finish whilst offering countless durability benefits, at just 3-4mm thickness. The material demonstrated its great flexibility as it was applied onto the curved ceiling, bathtub, countertops, flat ceiling, and floor. The final finish was a testimony to the beauty of the material, and the Duphill team were honoured to display our meticulous Microtopping application capabilities within this prestigious golfing destination. Due to the regular use of water within most spa areas, we also applied an additional Hydro-Defense sealer to withstand the consistent water on the surfaces. The sealer, also supplied by Ideal Work, gives the reassurance that the outstanding Microtopping® finish will not age and guarantees an easy to maintain, unrepeatable beauty despite being penetrated frequently by liquids.

Our team, all highly qualified with the products we apply, were able to create a breathtaking masterpiece within the spa area. With each member of the team paying great attention to detail and demonstrating their passion and dedication to delivering each project, the spa area has been transformed with a beautiful aesthetic and extremely durable surface for the numerous visitors of The Els to appreciate.