Rising Decorative Flooring Trends For Commercial Venues

Commercial flooring is certainly not the dreary or easily overlooked matter it once was.  Product innovation and advancements in installation technologies provide commercial property owners with more aesthetic alternatives than ever before. They may now select decorative floors that satisfy their practical needs and accurately express their business’s personality and long-term goals.

Selecting The Best Flooring Trends For Your Commercial Venues

The emergence of new trends in commercial flooring converts conventional businesses into design-forward and environmentally friendly locations that encourage creativity and cooperation.

The trends in flooring for 2022 typically lean toward being bright and colorful, but natural tones, perhaps as elements of the most subtle designs, are also a component of the palette for those who like their floors to have a more modest appearance. There is a diverse selection available regarding colour selections, motifs, and textures.

The following are some of the decorative floors design trends that we’ve been keeping an eye on in the commercial flooring industry:

Decorative Concrete Finishes

Without a shadow of a doubt, decorative concrete finishes have emerged as one of the most well-liked flooring options by commercial establishments’ proprietors. “Decorative concrete overlays” may also be used interchangeably with decorative concrete finishes. Any concrete surface may have its look and function completely transformed by applying an overlay.

Decorative Terrazzo Floors

Decorative terrazzo combines a cementitious or epoxy resin based binder blended with premium aggregates such as granite, marble, mother of pearl and other semi-precious stones. It can be installed as thin as 6mm and up to 12mm plus to create a jointless, luxurious floor finish with unparalleled beauty. As a significant amount of the aggregates matrices are sourced as recycled content (both post and pre-consumer), decorative terrazzo is considered to be the most sustainable flooring option available. Decorative terrazzo is an unending trend that never fails to satisfy the design intent for all commercial venues. 

Pops of Colour and Diverse Patterns, Textures, and More

Companies have finally received the word that flooring does not have to be dull by installing a greater variety of colours, patterns, and textures.

There has been a recent surge in popularity for decorative concrete coatings and decorative terrazzo that depict scenes from nature. Patterns that feature delightful florals, as well as natural shapes, can help soften the tones as well as enhance a design. Greens and blues with a seaside inspiration immediately introduce the spirit of water and botanicals into an interior for a fresher appeal.  

Metallic Epoxy Floors

Metallic floors are the bridge that connects durability with aesthetics. Epoxy floors are known to be amongst the most durable flooring systems that exist. Metallic floors are composed of a combination of clear epoxy resins and metallic pigments. Through this combination, a stunning mix of interlacing layers is created. Metallic floors offer a high-luster and an extreme unique appeal that cannot be matched.

Metallic Floors are considered a unique flooring solution that not only offers an unparalleled, bespoke and colourful appeal but also performs exceptionally well overtime whilst being cost efficient in comparison to other flooring systems with a far less “wow factor”


Modern and trendy flooring solutions enable establishments like hospitals, clinics, schools, colleges, and business spaces to soften or energize the ambiance and create more calming and welcoming settings. These days, you can spot them as decorative floors in various settings- including medical offices, hotel suites, entertainment venues, and contemporary corporate workplaces.

At Duphill, we can help you reach your design goals for any commercial space with diverse options for flooring, including decorative floors and decorative concrete coatings. Get in touch with us, and let’s work on finding the perfect fit for your needs.