SIAM Trading

Completion Date: April 2022

Area Applied: 550 m2

Client: SIAM Trading Company LLC

System: FasTop SL45 & FasTop RS69

With over 4 decades of experience in the Middle Eastern Meat Industry, SIAM Trading prides themselves in continuously seeking the best ways to procure, process and deliver high-quality meat products to consumers throughout the region. Supplying products to hotels, retailers and various other businesses, SIAM caters for the diverse requirements of their clients with their wide selection of halal certified meat products. Obtaining food items such as meat, poultry, vegetables, and fish from all over the world, SIAM’s warehousing units are subject to frequent audits to guarantee the health and safety of the storage units is to the highest quality. To avoid compromising the quality of their products, our team was selected to provide a new revived surface, capable of withstanding heavy equipment and reducing bacterial growth throughout the facility.

The two flooring systems that our workforce applied within the facility were FasTop SL45 and FasTop RS69, both are HACCP Certified and Campden BRI approved antimicrobial (ISO 22196) polyurethane cement resin flooring systems and perfect for food storage and processing areas. SL45 and RS69 were applied to the chillers, freezers and corridor areas to provide a seamless, easy to clean surface with extreme antimicrobial benefits. With only 4/6mm thickness, the products were able to be applied directly to the previous surface, reducing site wastage, and encouraging a quick turnaround. The facility requires a frequent cleaning schedule due to the blood and other contaminants generated from the food products. Our workforce recognised this requirement and applied the separate products in different areas to support the clients’ daily endeavors.

With over 10 years of experience in polyurethan flooring systems, our prestigious workforce was able to give SIAM Trading a brand-new surface which will continue to benefit the business operations for many years to come. The products we applied will guarantee stress-free auditing and lower maintenance requirements, due to the product’s independent qualities that serve without encouragement. We pride ourselves on our wide selection of top of the range products and our team are always delighted to support the transformation of food facilities.