Smart Dubai Offices

Completion Date: August 2018

Area Appled: 1,110 m2

Client: Summertown Interiors

System: Microtopping®

Smart Dubai was founded following the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum to make Dubai the happiest city on earth. Smart Dubai was set up to facilitate Dubai’s citywide smart transformation for residents and visitors. The purpose of Smart Dubai is vastly beneficial for the city with initiatives such as “The Happiness Agenda” and “Paperless” assisting with the wellbeing of the city and encouraging bigger steps to saving the environment. Duphill were honored to assist with the creation of the main office for such an inspiring Dubai entity, demonstrating remarkable results.

Duphill were selected to apply the Microtopping® solutions on the floors and walls of the office, covering 1,110 m2. With a thickness of 3-4mm, the material was applied on top of the original flooring, reducing site waste and promising an efficient turn around. With a company as prestigious as Smart Dubai, the floors and walls would both need to be durable whilst creating a unique aesthetic to the office. The Microtopping® itself is capable of withstanding high traffic, unlike the average tiling or vinyl and when applied by Duphill’s skilled team of craftsmen, the options for the colours, textures and patterns are endless. The unrepeatable finish of Duphill’s application was set to make Smart Dubai’s office standout and maintain a seamless, easy to clean, extremely durable surface to be used for years to come.

Over a period of only 3 weeks Duphill’s dedicated team applied Microtopping® to the floors and walls of the office and the outstanding results reflect the great accomplishments of Smart Dubai. The Duphill team take pride in every project and the beauty in their Microtopping® application contributes vastly to the legacy of Duphill. A remarkable finish was accomplished to the work areas and the results will continue to show Duphill’s level of precision and attention to detail.