Sports Society

Completion Date: January 2021

Area Applied: 3,184 m2

Client: Khansaheb Civil Engineering

System: Decorkrete

Standing as the largest commercial sports mall in the world, Sport Society is home to a plethora of retail units, entertainment hubs and sports facilities which all carry the message of “Healthy Living” and help to support the cities ongoing fitness challenges that take place every year. Containing a vast collection of amenities such as an ice rink, multi-purpose arenas and rock-climbing walls, the mall is the prime location for any fitness enthusiasts looking to explore new sports activities or even people looking to master their craft within their current interests. Sport Society focuses on rewarding members for their fitness accomplishments and providing an easy, one-stop shopping destination to encourage the lifestyle change that some are looking to obtain. Within traditional mall concepts, raw materials such as steel, wood and concrete are often hidden but the client created Sport Society to be a “natural, urban playground” and our workforce were honoured to support with the construction process of this prestigious facility.

Our team of experienced craftsmen applied our seamless microcement solution, Decorkrete, to a large variety of the walls throughout the mall to support the natural aesthetic that was designed whilst offering extreme durability, capable of withstanding high levels of impact.  At just 2-3mm thick Decorkrete was able to be applied directly to the previous surface without any removals, reducing the site wasteage and encouraging a quick turnaround. Suitable for floors, walls, furniture and ceilings, Decorkrete’s flexibility allows you to achieve the decorative concrete finish whilst conquering the weight limitations of traditional concrete. The endless colour options allowed us to enhance the aesthetic of the facility and offer an easy design selection process.

It is always a pleasure to assist our clients projects with cementitious finishes and our workforce are delighted to have our name on the well-known facility. With over 10 years of experience within the industry, the craftsmanship of each member within the team is unmatched and our beautiful applications continue to speak volumes throughout each project we deliver. We hope to see the trend of Microcement continue to grow with Duphill being chosen for the highest quality application.