TECOM Group – Dubai Science Park

Completion Date: August 2022

Area Applied: 400 m2

Client: Kinnarps Project Solutions LLC (KPS)

System: Cementitious Terrazzo

Since 1999, the TECOM Group (part of Dubai Holding) has been creating strategic, industry-focused business areas all around the city of Dubai. Focusing on Dubai becoming a major worldwide center for business and talent, TECOM Group support sectors such as design, education, manufacturing, media, science, and technology. For all these knowledge-based economic sectors that are served by the TECOM Group, their portfolio contains ten business districts across the city including the infamous Dubai Design District, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Industrial City and more. The Group supports approximately 7,800 clients to offer a diverse and specialised lease portfolio, which includes offices, co-working spaces, warehouses, and land. TECOM’s own office space has now expanded to Dubai Science Park and our workforce were honoured to support the construction process for their staff members.

Our team of experienced craftsmen applied our seamless cementitious terrazzo flooring system throughout the entire facility to meet the design requirements of our client whilst offering extreme durability and the capable of withstanding the consistent foot traffic. The system contained locally sourced, recycled stones which were embedded into the application, then polished to expose the selection of colours chosen by our client. This allowed us to create a unique design for TECOM Group whilst maintaining a more sustainable approach to traditional terrazzo flooring. The seamless floor finish is also perfect for office areas as it is easy to clean and eliminates any chance of bacterial build up which commonly occurs in consistent joints and grouting from standard terrazzo flooring methods.

With over a decade of experience, our workforce have mastered the finishes we apply throughout our projects and constantly break the boundaries of flooring systems to support the design ideas of our clients. The team’s knowledge of our products is what greatly separates us from our competition as we continue to receive great feedback and achieve customer satisfaction for every project.  We look forward to supporting more prestigious clients like TECOM in the future and hope to continue seeing Duphill’s bespoke Terrazzo designs grow in popularity within the region.