Teible Restaurant

Completion Date: 2021

Area Applied: 192m2

Client: Vision Fit Out

System: Decorkrete

Situated in the Jameel Arts Centre, the new Teible Restaurant has recently opened to the public, offering a wide range of cuisines all as an ode to the regions local produce. To conquer ongoing issues within the food industry, such as extreme waste and over consumption, Teible focuses on encouraging eco-friendly alternatives to running their restaurant with various responsible initiatives to lower the environmental impact. The restaurant offers elegant, scrumptious dishes whilst delivering a casual, relaxed atmosphere for the whole family to appreciate. Teible Restaurant is set to be the prime location for the visitors of the Jameel Arts Museum, and we are honoured to be a part of the construction process for this new, innovative establishment.

Duphill were selected to provide our client with a decorative, cement-like finish with durability guaranteed to maintain the finish and withstand the consistent foot traffic of the visitors. For these reasons, Diasen’s Decorkrete was selected. Decorkrete is an exceptional microcement product which is perfect for achieving a seamless design with countless decorative features. The material, applied at 2-3mm, can be applied directly onto the previous surface, reducing the time on site, and will obtain the robust qualities that regular cement products can achieve. The arty and malleable consistency of the material allowed us to create a stunning aesthetic throughout the restaurant with ease, whilst also offering numerous hygienic and durability benefits.

With over 10 years’ experience, our team of professional craftsmen were able to apply Decorkrete to 192m2 throughout the restaurant. With each member of our team showing passion to every project, our attention to detail is unlike any other applicator.