Terrazzo Flooring Offers Durable And Stylish Grace For Your Interiors

Terrazzo is one of those fashion trends that you may have recognized by appearance but not necessarily by name! Do you recall the speckled flooring you sometimes see in hotel lobbies, corporate buildings, airports, and restaurants? It is a terrazzo floor.

The terrazzo floor is a water-resistant indoor and outdoor flooring material that has been used for several years. Typically, you can see such type of flooring in high-traffic commercial establishments. Recent interior trends have given new life to this time-tested design. Terrazzo can be your go-to flooring solution if you want to create a fashionable home with a nostalgic appeal!

What Is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo (a composite material) is produced using a cement base combo and several ground materials like granite, marble, and quartz.

The Latin word “terra,” which means “ground,” is where the name “terrazzo” originates from. These floorings are versatile, long-lasting, resistant to abrasion and water, and can be applied on vertical and horizontal surfaces. As a result, it is a common flooring solution for high-traffic areas and residential flooring.

Terrazzo Flooring Benefits

  • Terrazzo is a reliable and long-lasting flooring option. Therefore, it offers unmatched durability. 
  • Cost: Making terrazzo floors is affordable, so you can save lots of money by using this option. Not only are these floorings affordable, but they also appear beautiful in all establishments.
  • Sunlight: Terrazzo tiles look fantastic under sunlight. The colors in the flooring are nicely highlighted, and this flooring can hold up well to fading. This makes terrazzo ideal for outdoor spaces.
  • Customization: Terrazzo comes in various hues, patterns, and materials. Therefore, there are endless customization options to beautify your space flooring. 
  • Terrazzo is versatile and may be readily shaped into panels for custom countertops, backsplashes, staircases, and even bathroom fixtures, including sinks and bathtubs.
  • Using the latest underfloor heating technology, installing the terrazzo floor is incredibly simple.
  • Maintenance: You have to sweep and mop occasionally. Nothing more is required for the proper upkeep of a terrazzo floor.
  • Choices: Various installation options are available, each enhancing a different characteristic. A Thinset contains very less weight and is particularly unsusceptible to cracking. Sand cushions are quite robust. Professionals can install it monolithically and pour it directly onto a concrete subfloor. Terrazzo tiles, on the other hand, provide more control over the appearance and finish.

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Other Uses of Terrazzo Floors

  • In contemporary design and decoration, terrazzo is the most suitable option to be used everywhere. You can employ terrazzo in business buildings, schools, civic centers, flooring, and courthouse architecture. These are some places where terrazzo floorings are very common.
  • Use terrazzo or terrazzo tiles in your kitchen’s backsplash, worktops, and cabinets! If you’re redesigning your kitchen, you can use terrazzo tiles in different hues and unique shapes that are easily available in the market.
  • To make your bathroom look like it came straight out of an interior design magazine, try the fusion of terrazzo tiles in soft pastels and jewel tones. You can use terrazzo for the countertop, shower, floor, and other things.
  • Terrazzo is not only used within buildings. Terrazzo, made of cement, is also a fantastic option for exterior spaces.

As terrazzo can be molded in any shape, technicians can use it to make furniture and other household items. Consider product rendering to see how your components appear before their creation to ensure they are wise investments.

Terrazzo Offers Durability

With proper maintenance, terrazzo can sustain quite large weight loads. According to reliable sources, terrazzo has a compressive strength of around 4,500 psi. In other words, if you maintain it properly, terrazzo can endure 4,500 pounds per square inch of pressure.

Moreover, You need not worry about the weight of your equipment, thinking it may damage your floors.

Maintenance is Crucial

You can’t neglect the floor even if experienced professionals have built your terrazzo floor flawlessly and without mistakes. Chipping, fading, and even cracking can eventually occur if the floors are not maintained well. 

Even though terrazzo is popular due to its toughness, that doesn’t mean it is unbreakable. Nevertheless, the real strength of terrazzo cannot be disputed.

Terrazzo Tiles: An Affordable Alternative

The price of terrazzo flooring materials will vary greatly depending on the type of aggregate you select. You can find simple stone aggregates at reasonable costs, but adding large quartz or marble chips would cause more expenses.

If you want the best results, you’ll need a skilled installation team and the necessary materials. They will make a subfloor before installation. The price of terrazzo tile may range from $15 to $30 per square foot, maybe less high. Installing an in situ poured terrazzo floor may cost $20 to $100 per square foot.


Terrazzo floors are strong yet light in weight. This contributes to its popularity in commercial settings. Due to its adaptability, terrazzo is particularly well suited for various uses. A concrete or resin base is blended with marble, glass, stone chips, and other elements to create the strongest flooring for your property. 

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