The Founders Office

Completion Date: January 2020

Area Applied: Floors 2,055 m2, Walls 200m2

Client: Al Tayer Stocks

System: Microtopping®

Established in 2017, The Founder’s Office was created to inspect all endeavors taking place as part of the Year of Zayed, and is committed to heightening the late Sheikh Zayed’s stature as an emblem of patriotism and headlining his position as a prominent global leader. Consisting of a library, sound studio and an arts exhibition, The Founders Office continues to build the legacy of Sheikh Zayed and with an office of such great power and responsibility, Duphill were selected to apply their outstanding Microtopping® to create a unique desert-like aesthetic with a durable finish.

To ensure The Founders Office was a standout masterpiece, Microtopping® was selected. The creative opportunity of Microtopping® allows the client to experiment and achieve the precise finish they are looking for. The Founders Office was inspired by desert colors and by using Microtopping®, it allowed Duphill to create an authentic, clouded pattern for the floors and walls. Microtopping®, applied by trowel, is an unrepeatable beauty which can be applied to most surfaces due to its thin 3-4mm thickness. Whilst having visually appealing qualities the material is undoubtedly durable with the ability to withstand high traffic, perfect for The Founders Office and its many staff and visitors. Supplied by our partners at Ideal Work, Microtopping® is one of Duphill’s leading materials, which largely contributes to the legacy of Duphill.

Duphill’s team of experienced craftsmen were able to apply our remarkable Microtopping to 2,255 m2 in 14 days and the results met all the aesthetic and durability requirements set by The Founders Office. Every project that Duphill carries out is supported by their valuable team with over 10 years’ experience. The result of Duphill’s application has made the Founders Office an easy to clean, seamless work environment with the ability to maintain its niche finish for years to come.