The Hostess Agency

Completion Date: July 2022

Area Applied: Decorkrete: 150m2  / SPC Parquet: 170m2

Client: THA (The Hostess Agency Ltd)

System: Decorkrete & SPC Parquet Flooring

The Hostess Agency (THA) specialise in temporary staffing and flexible HR solutions within the Middle East. Offering a turnkey solution to cover all staffing and HR requirements, THA pride themselves in providing the highest quality of professional staff, no matter the specific needs or requests. The company focuses on four areas within the industry: event planning, event staffing, corporate staffing and hospitality staffing. For events such as Expo 2020 and the upcoming Qatar Fifa World Cup, THA provide a one-stop service for clients all around the world who are looking to expand their workforce for small to large events. The company has expanded greatly since the reduction of worldwide COVID 19 cases which has led to a new office being acquired by THA.

Our team worked closely with the THA team to specify the appropriate materials for their requirements. To create a concrete finish, we applied Decorkrete, a highly durable microcement system which can be applied directly onto pre-existing surfaces. The cement-based system allows you to achieve concrete flooring completely seamlessly, with endless colour and texture options to encourage full creative control to any facility. Decorkrete is applied at just 2-3mm thickness to allow the specifier to achieve their desired finish whilst surpassing traditional weight limitation of concrete. The aesthetically enhancing flooring system is applied by hand trowel method and promises an efficient but effective turnaround, allowing our clients to meet their project deadlines whilst still obtaining the quality of this exclusive microcement system.

Once the microcement and aluminium trims were installed, we filled the remaining areas with Richmond SPC Parquet, a hardwearing decorative wooden flooring system that highly compliments the surrounding finishes. Different to traditional wooden flooring, SPC Parquet has high polymer content to encourage flexibility and greatly enhance the strength of the surface. The flooring system is triple embossed which allows the finish to maintain its organic texture and feel, whilst promising longevity of the wood design. The additional acoustic underlay makes this system the perfect solution for office areas as it improves the overall sound quality throughout the office drastically and reduces echoing, unlike various other wood flooring solutions. With a plethora of colours and wooden patterns, our client was able to achieve the perfect finish and create an office that perfectly represents the company’s various achievements.

Our workforce are always honoured to support our clients with achieving their desired finishes. Be it the patterns through the concrete flooring or the range of the parquet wood finishes, our turnkey solutions are always guaranteed to meet your needs and inspire your creativity. Thanks to our professional recommendations and experienced applicators, the new THA office has now transformed into a contemporary masterpiece which guarantees low maintenance and longevity.