The Lighthouse – MOE & Palm Jumeirah

Completion Dates: April 2021 & December 2021

Total Area Coated: 165m2 Poured Terrazzo –  60m2 Nuvolato Architop® –  25m2 Stone Carpet

Clients: Vision Fitout  & Havelock One. Designer: T.Zed Architects

Systems: Poured Terrazzo – Nuvolato Architop® – Stone Carpert

Founded in 2017, The Lighthouse restaurant chain strives to separate itself from traditional dining facilities with its creative, eye-catching designs and additional concept store found within each restaurant. The prestigious restaurant chain has grown vastly throughout the UAE with its high-quality Mediterranean-inspired dishes and cheerful, relaxed environment that is exhibited within each restaurant from their wide collection. With The Lighthouse serving exceptional fresh dishes from the kitchens and providing high quality glassware, serve ware and lifestyle accessories from the concept stores, the ever-growing popularity of the franchise will continue to rapidly increase, and our team are delighted to have supported the brand with during the construction stage of two restaurant locations, Mall of Emirates and The Palm Jumeirah.

To meet the design requirements of our client, we worked closely with both Bluehaus Group and T-Zed Architects during the design stage of The Lighthouse projects, providing a variety of samples that displayed different products and colour combinations to perfect our selection of material before our application began. The chosen flooring solution for The Lighthouse, The Palm was a Poured Terrazzo which incorporated a collection of white and grey stones embedded into a light grey, cementitious binder. Different to traditional Terrazzo flooring, the finalized combination of products created by our team, that was chosen by the client, allowed us to conquer traditional thickness restrictions that come from Terrazzo’s whilst offering a highly decorative finish with its discreate exposure to the mixture of aggregates. The Poured Terrazzo flooring also promises extreme durability benefits, suited to withstand consistent foot traffic and the seamless design will continue to maintain its attractive floor finish due to its easy to clean and reliable surface quality.

With the designs of T.Zed Architects and the creative selection of products from Duphill, the proposed products for The Lighthouse, Mall of Emirates, were Nuvolato Architop and Stone Carpet. Stone Carpet was selected for its ability to create a natural stone finish whilst providing the option of obtaining the colour selection of any choice from a combination of natural stones. Nuvolato Architop, supplied by our partners Ideal Work, was the perfect solution for T.Zed’s design due to its outstanding, unrepeatable visual qualities and durability benefits for the vast number of visitors within the restaurant to appreciate, whilst maintaining its finish for years to come. The seamless surface from both products also makes it easy to clean, removing any risk of bacterial build up, whilst at the same time meeting the stringent health and safety requirements.

Our motivated team of qualified craftsmen demonstrated impeccable synergy and patience during the design stage and without their knowledge in application of the collection of materials that were proposed, the client would have been incapable of achieving the approved design. The experience and qualifications of our workforce continues to separate us from our competition, which is well exhibited in each project that we embark upon.