Timeout Market

Completion Date: 2021

Area Applied: 2,800 m2

Client: Dutco Tennant

System: Polished Concrete

Originating in 1968 as magazine publisher, Time Out was initially recognised for its one-sheet pamphlets and publishing of counter-culture articles surrounding alternative viewpoints on issues worldwide. The well-established magazine’s popularity saw a vast increase during the 1990’s and since, Time Out has expanded its reach throughout 315 cities and 58 countries. With an audience established throughout the magazine market, Time Out explored new business ventures, and entered the food and beverage industry in 2014 with the “Time Out Market”, located in Lisbon. The high-end food market hosts 35 small restaurants, all providing their own unique cuisines and allowing their customers to choose their meals with ease. The great success of the Lisbon branch allowed Time Out to set up new branches in New York, London, Prague, Montreal and now, in Dubai.

Throughout the entire Time Out Market Dubai, our team of craftsmen were selected to provide a decorative polished concrete with a customised finish to meet the design requirements of the client. Our team worked closely with Dutco Tennant to enhance the aesthetic and provide a solution that promises longevity and easy maintenance. Starting with the application of the cementitious screed, our workforce placed each individual stone in a bespoke formation to keep the design consistent throughout the whole food market. Once applied, our team lightly polished the surface, exposing the custom aggregates and creating a smooth seamless surface. The flooring system is capable of withstanding the continuous foot traffic of the food market and the seamless, easy to clean, qualities will continue to benefit the staff members for years to come.

The Duphill team, with over 11 years of experience, have mastered all aspects of concrete. Be it cementitious screeds, decorative polished concrete or microcement applications, our team have obtained extensive knowledge of the material in all its forms to provide a seamless service from design to the execution of the project. It is a great pleasure to have our work displayed to such a wide audience and our finishes will continue to speak volumes throughout the refurbishment and new build industry.