Why In Situ Terrazzo is The Best Option for Commercial Flooring System?

Commercial flooring systems are quite different from residential floors. One of the primary differences lies in the amount of pressure that commercial floors have to take. Hence, when considering flooring options for commercial spaces, you have to take into account the footfall and the traffic. 

If you are looking for commercial flooring materials which are not only chic and elegant, but durable and hard-wearing at the same time, you cannot go wrong with in situ terrazzo flooring. The greatest attraction of this flooring material is its visual appeal and robustness. Different from wood and stone finishes, in situ flooring adds a new dimension to commercial floors elevating the visual grandeur manifold. 

Before we go on to discuss the benefits of installing an in situ concrete floor, let us know about in situ terrazzo flooring in detail. 

What is in situ terrazzo flooring?

The flooring technique of in situ terrazzo is pouring terrazzo on-site directly. There is no need to pre-casting it separately in a factory for tiles and slab creation. The main elements which go into the making of the terrazzo mix include pigments, marble chips, etc. The binder is either in the form of resin or cement. All the ingredients are mixed well together and then laid on the specified area. 

With this technique, large meterages are laid efficiently, minimizing the need for joints. If there are joints, they should be at the exact place as the slab under them. This minimises the chances of cracking the in situ flooring. 

In situ terrazzo is custom-made as the thing is poured onsite. Therefore, it is possible to design exactly as per project specifications. Creativity and design flexibility are two primary attributes that make these floors truly unique. 

Reasons why in situ terrazzo is a preferred option for commercial flooring

Along with flexibility and varied customization options, there are many more benefits of in situ flooring, particularly in commercial spaces. Some of them are:

  • An elegant flooring material

If you take a look at general terrazzo tiles and then at in situ terrazzo tiles, you will understand the difference at once. The immaculate smooth finishing of the floor needs special mention as in situ terrazzo tiles are simply seamless. They look flawless when you install this flooring in your commercial space since you will not find any gaps in the flooring. The design of in situ terrazzo flooring stands out because of this seamlessness which gives the entire space an elevated visual appeal. 

  • Flexibility in design, colour and patterns

If you are looking to give your commercial flooring space a unique twist, there is no better alternative than an in situ concrete floor. This is because of the flexibility that these floorings offer. You have the option of choosing from a wide range of colour palettes as per your liking and preference. This flooring allows the designing of complex patterns, designs, and emblems as well, to easily sync with the theme of your commercial establishment. You can easily upscale the aesthetics of your establishment with this amazing flooring material. 

  • High durability

One of the greatest advantages of in situ terrazzo flooring is its strength and durability. These floors might look different but they are as robust as ordinary terrazzo tiles. There are no chances of the flooring cracking or getting damaged even if there is heavy footfall traffic. In situ terrazzo floors are created in such a way that they can endure cold, heat, and moisture too, without inflicting any kind of floor damage. It is also scratch and crack-resistant when objects drop and fall on the floor. 

  • Easy on maintenance

In situ flooring is extremely easy and simple to maintain and clean. For cleaning an in situ terrazzo floor, you can use any solution which is PH5-based or even plain water. In fact, these floors do not need regular cleaning, which not only helps in saving on resources and maintenance expenses considerably but also helps to make your space look clean and tidy even when there is heavy footfall traffic. 

  • Safe for the environment

Presently, many commercial establishments look for environment-friendly options and this choice often applies to flooring materials used in the establishment too. In situ floors use recycled materials and hence, by establishing in situ terrazzo floors, there will be no harm to the environment since the materials used in the flooring are sustainable. 

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Flooring it right!

Upscaling the flooring of any commercial establishment is quite a challenge. Along with keeping the aesthetic factor in mind, you must ensure that the flooring gels with the theme and the concept of the organisation. 

If you are looking for unique flooring solutions for your commercial space, look no further than in situ terrazzo flooring. Duphill Technical Solutions LLC is a company that deals with different kinds of flooring options for commercial and residential spaces. Contact our experts right away when you are planning to give your commercial space a special twist. Our professionals can help you decide on the best flooring option based on your requirements.