Why Microcement Flooring is Perfect for Modern Kitchen Designs?

Microcement kitchen floor has increasingly become a preferred choice among architects, renovation professionals and decorators. The beauty of this flooring solution perfectly justifies their preference. This coating is not only beautiful but also durable, offering the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. 

As a leading flooring solution provider, Duphill Technical Solutions LLC often gets asked what makes micro cement coating the best solution for commercial kitchen flooring. If you also wish to know about this, get ready to find the answer. Our team has curated this exclusive blog to introduce you to all the factors that make micro cement a go-to flooring solution for modern kitchens. So, start reading. 

Why Microcement Flooring is Perfect for Modern Kitchen Designs?

Why Choose Microcement Kitchen Floor?

Microcement Dubai has become a popular choice for kitchen flooring due to its following advantages. 

No Construction Work Required

One of the first and most appreciated advantages of this coating is that it can be directly applied to the existing surface. When constructing or renovating a kitchen, you obviously wish to save time and money. This decorative coating allows you to do so. It can be applied to any material. Whether you apply microcement on tiles or wood, you will get the same level of aesthetics and functionality. It can be directly applied to the existing flooring without requiring any additional construction work. As a result, with this flooring solution, your kitchen will be ready in minimum time. 

Diverse Colour Range

Modern kitchens call for modern floorings. The old concrete or wood flooring might not feel right for such kitchens. It is where microcement comes to your aid. These coatings come in varying colour options. Hence, it offers you the freedom to customise your kitchen flooring to match other elements. Microcement kitchen floors can be made in any colour, ranging from neutral shades to more striking ones. Duphill offers a diverse range of colours for these floor coatings. 

Thermal Resistance

Heat is the enemy of kitchen interiors. It results in significantly damaging the kitchen interiors including the flooring. The traditional decorative flooring options lack thermal resistance, resulting in a short lifespan and easy wear and tear. However, when you choose microcement flooring Dubai for your kitchen, heat will no longer be a problem. These coatings possess excellent heat-resistance properties making them ideal for modern kitchens where functionality and aesthetics hold equal importance. 

Chemical Resistance

Another advantage of microcement floors is their chemical resistance. Kitchens have the dirtiest floors. They face constant oil spills, requiring frequent cleaning. Removing the stubborn stains from these floors demands the usage of chemical-based cleaning agents. But, if you use them on tiles or wood flooring, it might result in damaging their allure and altering their durability. However, when you have microcement flooring, you have nothing to worry about. These coatings are chemical resistant, making it easier for you to clean the floors without damaging them. 


Kitchen floors constantly come in contact with water. Frequent water contact and moisture can degrade floor quality. However, it’s not the case with the microcement kitchen floor. In addition to its decorative value, this coating also significantly contributes to the functionality and durability of your kitchen floor. When the waterproof finish is given to microcement coatings, they become completely waterproof, and you will no longer have to worry about water spillages. 


This feature is specifically advantageous for commercial kitchen flooring. Several people work in these kitchens, unknown of who have spilled oil or water on the floors. This results in slip accidents and workplace injuries. But, with microcement coatings you can prevent such accidents. These coatings can be made non-slippery with certain additives. 

Wear and Tear Resistance

Another factor that makes the microcement floor the best option for the kitchen is that it is resistant to wear and tear. With several pieces of equipment placed in commercial kitchens and heavy traffic, their floors can easily get damaged. However, with microcement coating, you will have long-lasting beauty of the kitchen floors free from wear and tear. 

Why Choose Microcement Kitchen Floor?

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To Sum Up

Microcement Dubai is the best solution for every commercial kitchen flooring. From longevity to enhanced beauty, this coating brings a lot of advantages to kitchens. Their chic colours allow you to customise the flooring according to the modern interiors of your kitchen. Also, with its resistance properties, it ensures that the flooring of your kitchen does not get damaged from chemicals, water and heat. However, all these advantages of microcement coating are only available when the quality is right and the application is flawless. It is where Duphill can help you. We have an expert team for microcement applications to ensure you have the most contemporary and functional kitchen flooring.