Zimbabwe Pavilion – Expo 2020

Completion Date: 2021

Area Applied: 182m2

Client: Projex UAE

System: Nuvolato Architop®

Expo 2020, set to open in October 2021, is home to various pavilions from different countries and companies showcasing the great innovations they have to offer that will be shaping our future. Zimbabwe was selected for one of the Expo 2020 pavilions and it will be focusing on the culture, heritage, and fertile land of the country. The experience will include virtual reality insights to how Zimbabwe are embracing the technology of the future, the country’s history of stone sculptures and it will also be showcasing the many hardworking, artistic, innovative individuals from Zimbabwe. This pavilion will be sure to impress the numerous visitors and with an honorable message that the pavilion is delivering, Duphill were delighted to assist with the creation process.

Our client was looking to create a seamless finish whilst delivering an aesthetic guaranteed to catch the eyes of the visitors. Nuvolato Architop®, supplied by our partners at Ideal Work’s, met the requirements of our client with ease and allowed us to demonstrate the additional benefits that come with the material. At only 3-4mm thickness, Architop is extremely durable and capable of withstanding the vast footfall that will occur throughout the Pavilion. Architop allows you to create the industrial, robust look of regular concrete but with copious additional options and without the worry of removing the current surface, due to its thinly applied qualities. Thanks to the power trowel application, the finish will always be unrepeatable, and it also comes in an array of different colors, meeting any visual needs you may have whilst offering various durability benefits.

Our team of skilled craftsmen are always honored to be a part of prestigious projects such as Expo 2020. The passion that our workforce bring to each project is what separate us from our competitors.  With a consistently motivated team, our results speak for themselves. Architop plays a strong role to our decorative flooring options and our applications of the material will continue to contribute to the legacy of Duphill.