A Beginners’ Guide To Selecting The Best Industrial Flooring Options

Making the choice of what kind of flooring to install in your company can be quite important. The flooring may sustain significant amounts of wear and tear in industrial settings, including manufacturing plants, distribution centers, assembly lines, and more. Harsh and corrosive chemicals, oil, heavy machinery, and thick scratches can quickly wear down a flooring system. Because of this, it is crucial for manufacturing plants and other sectors to invest in a high-quality flooring system. Today, we experience two options of industrial flooring options that are commonly used for their benefits, Epoxy resin-based flooring systems and Industrial Polished Concrete

Knowing all of the advantages and disadvantages of both options will help you decide which would be the ideal choice for your manufacturing space. The choice mostly depends on a few elements, including the sort of manufacturing facility, robustness, longevity, aesthetics, and price.

Options for Industrial Flooring

Your facility’s performance is significantly impacted by the flooring system you choose.

Your industrial floor needs to be resistant to abrasion from foot and vehicle traffic, durable enough to support the equipment you employ, and provide the appropriate level of grip. Other environmental issues, including reducing energy use and making your area safer, can also be helped by flooring.

The two types of industrial flooring that are considered within this article are:

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Resin-based flooring, commonly referred to as epoxy flooring, is incredibly durable, adaptable, attractive, and sustainable. Resin-based flooring is made of a two-part epoxy system composed of hardeners and polymer resins, much like epoxy glue. Epoxy resin and hardener react with one another when they are properly combined, creating a chemical link between each substance and the floor itself. 

  • Aesthetics – 

Epoxy flooring can be installed in a variety of textured, gloss, and colour options. Customized line striping is utilized in manufacturing plants for traffic indicators and safety pathways.

  • Maintenance – 

As epoxy is a flawless flooring choice, the substrate is shielded from contaminants, including chemicals, mud, liquids, and other foreign substances. Because of this, waxing or polishing is not required, and all that is needed to clean the floors is a walk-behind scrubber or regular cleaning with a general-purpose cleaner. Epoxy flooring is a fantastic long-term value option because they only need routine cleaning and minimal upkeep.

  • Durability – 

A manufacturing facility’s floor finish must be tough enough to withstand the harsh working environment. This type of industrial flooring can resist regular assault from a wide range of tools and production procedures. Epoxy flooring fits the durability requirements of most industrial facilities since it has very high abrasion and chemical resistances.

  • Longevity – 

When installed properly, epoxy flooring can last 10 to 20 years and even longer with regular maintenance and touch-ups.

  • Disguises flaws –

Concrete comes in different varieties. Working in older industrial and manufacturing buildings will expose the concrete’s numerous fissures and spalling. The flaws in the concrete can be effectively concealed by epoxy flooring.

Polished Concrete Flooring

Industrial sealers and penetrating densifiers are used in the mechanized grind and polish process. This is known as polished concrete and is used to level, densify, polish, and ultimately cure the floor inside the concrete subsurface. Because there are so many low-odor, non-toxic densifiers and sealants, polished concrete is a sustainable flooring option that is ideal for achieving green objectives. The finished product has a lovely sealed finish and a fresh, clean appearance.

  • Aesthetics – 

A wide range of colour stains and gloss levels can be used to apply polished concrete finishes. The capacity to be polished down to reveal the aggregate, which has its own inherent beauty, is one of the key features of polished concrete floors.

  • Maintenance – 

Polished concrete floors are significantly simpler to maintain than standard concrete floors, requiring only a daily sweep and a weekly scrub. Your floor can remain gleaming for years if you regularly sweep it clean of debris and abrasives.

  • Durability – 

If you have a smooth concrete floor, you won’t have to worry about tread marks if vehicles or forklifts are driving over it. The glossy surface makes it virtually impossible to leave marks on the floor, especially tire marks. The polished concrete’s smooth, shining surface results from its high strength and density. It is the most resilient choice because it is resistant to abrasion and chipping. The near indestructibility of polished concrete floors is one of their advantages.

  • Longevity – 

The floor will never come off polished concrete. You won’t need to redo your floors again, saving you a ton of money. Every ten years, polished concrete floors might need to be renewed. Re-burnishing the floor will restore its luster and is a straightforward maintenance procedure.

  • Resistant to moisture conveyance problems – 

A significant issue that arises when coping with commercial floor coatings is high dampness in the concrete slab. When it comes to polished concrete, moisture resistance is already present, so no additional humidity mitigation primers are required. Epoxy flooring can be fixed with a moisture mitigation system.

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Whether you want an industrial, modern, or opulent feel for your commercial space, there is the flooring for every situation. Your choice will have an instant effect on the users of the space. Team members and clients would undoubtedly express thanks and comfort if considered.

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