Maintaining Microtopping Flooring: Tips for Long-lasting Beauty

Microtopping flooring has become a top choice for several architects for its elegance and durability. Duphill Technical Solutions LLC firmly believes in the superiority of this flooring option. The benefits of these floorings are a long topic to talk about. However, today, we are here to discuss something else with you. We have come up with this post to discuss the maintenance needs of these floors. 

Microtopping walls and floors provide you with an opportunity to transform your commercial and industrial workplaces into something extraordinary. These floorings are the best option if you are looking for an alternative to concrete-coated floorings. They offer you so much. Don’t they need anything in return?

Yes, they do. They need you to follow some maintenance tips to maintain their long-lasting beauty. As the best provider for microtopping flooring Dubai, Duphill is here with this post listing all the crucial maintenance tips for these floors. 

Maintaining Microtopping Flooring: Tips for Long-lasting Beauty

Microtopping Flooring Maintenance Tips

Although microtopping flooring is quite low maintenance demanding, they need a little bit from your side in return. To help them maintain their long-lasting elegance and beauty, these floorings need you to follow some basic maintenance tips as listed below. 

Gentle Daily Cleaning

The first and most important tip for maintaining the beauty of microtopping floors is that you must clean them daily. However, be careful with the equipment and agents you use for their cleaning. The best way for their daily cleaning is to use a dust mop or broom to eliminate the dust and dirt. Hard brooms can damage your flooring. So, choose the one with a soft bristle. Also, if you feel the floor needs deep cleaning due to spills, you can use a microfibre mop with a mild cleaning agent diluted in water. The cleaning agent must be pH-neutral. Opt for cleaning agents designed especially for these floorings to ensure their finish is not damaged. 

Spill Cleanup

The Duphill team suggests immediately cleaning up all spill cleanups. We strongly recommend not waiting for your next cleaning routine and cleaning any spills right away. For liquid spills, use a microfibre mop or soft cloth. Dip it in a water-diluted solution of gentle detergent and wipe it off the floor. Using warm water will always give better results. However, if you have a solid spill, you need to clean it with a spatula, broom or plastic scraper. Be careful while picking solid spills, and do not drag them with a mop to avoid surface damage.

Soft Cleaning Tools

Duphill’s microtopping flooring Dubai experts suggest choosing the cleaning tools wisely. Abrasive tools like brooms with hard bristles can damage the shine of these floors and fade away their beauty. The same goes for hard mops and cleaning clothes. Therefore, we recommend using non-abrasive cleaning tools like a microfibre cleaning cloth, foam mops and a soft-bristle brush or broom. These tools do not damage the floors. They avoid scratching them and help maintain the ultimate shine of these surfaces. 

Protective Covers or Mats

Another crucial tip in this maintenance guide for microtopping surfaces is that you can use protective covers and mats for them. You can significantly reduce the chances of scratches and other damages by using these coverings. They will not only protect the floors but also add some extra stars to a place’s interiors. Protective covers and mats will prevent the floors from coming in contact with dirt and dust. You can place these in high-traffic areas and entryways. These protective covers can also be used below the feet of chairs and tables or other equipment. 

Regular Deep Cleaning

In addition to a daily cleaning schedule, you must also have a monthly or weekly deep cleaning schedule for your microtopping flooring Dubai. Such cleaning periods will involve profound cleaning of the surfaces. If you have mats and carpets placed, lift them off and clean the floor. For such specialised cleaning, you need some specialised tools and cleaning agents. You can use a microtopping floor cleaner or mild detergent. A pro tip for these cleaning routines is to avoid acids, harsh chemicals, citrus-based cleaners and vinegar. These substances can alter your floor’s beauty, so avoid them. 

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Bottom Line

Microtopping flooring offers several advantages, and durability is one of the top ones. However, if you wish to secure their beauty for years to come, you need to maintain them properly. Use all the tips listed in this blog by our experts to maintain their long-lasting integrity and beauty. 

If you are looking for the best microtopping flooring Dubai applicator, Duphill Technical Solutions LLC is your reliable partner. We offer the best quality floorings that are durable and elegant.