MENA Legal – Offices

Completion Date: August 2022

Area Applied: 150 m2
Client: MENA Legal
System: Polished Concrete

MENA Legal was established 20 years ago by a group of lawyers who had experienced working for large international law firms but preferred to apply their expertise in a smaller, boutique setting to offer a more significant and immediate impact on clients and offer the best legal advice in the UAE. All cases which MENA Legal embark on are allocated to at least one partner or senior attorney, who is responsible for managing an individual case, allowing the case to be supported in a more dedicated process to larger firms. Located in JLT, the prestigious law firm faced the repercussions of using an inexperienced flooring applicator for their Epoxy flooring and once it was exposed to the day-to-day traffic and moisture of a busy office, the flooring began peeling from the substrate. With our client’s budget and requirements in mind, we were able to offer the best option for their needs.

Our workforce started with the removal of the previously defective epoxy flooring by grinding the resin-based system until the previous substrate was completely exposed. Once the removal was finished, our team continued to lightly grind the surface, exposing the aggregates embedded in the concrete mixture of the substrate, indicating any cracks from the existing substrate, and offering a mechanical key to begin polishing the surface and create a highly presentable finish for the flooring. The cracks were filled with a high strength epoxy mortar to show the authentic and beauty of concrete while providing a seamless surface. The floor was then sealed to create a beautiful finish with extreme durability. When polished by a professional applicator, a regular screed can be transformed into a work of art, containing various aggregates and a sleek, uniform finish.

Our workforce continues to amaze our clients with their experienced methods of application and ability to bring their ideas to life. Client satisfaction is the most important factor to our projects and we consistently assist them by offering different options for materials, colours and finishes to meet their design requirements. Each member of our team creates a synergy that cannot be replicated and with beautiful finishes such as this, our surfaces will continue to develop within the design and build industry.