Facebook Headquarters

Completion Date: December 2020

Area Applied: 500 m2

Contractor: Kinnarps Project Solutions LLC (KPS)

System: FasTop SL45 – Sherwin Williams

With Facebook being such a prominent global client, the expectation to deliver was high and it was therefore imperative to choose the right applicator, which is why KPS (the fit-out contractor) appointed Duphill Technical Solutions as their flooring specialist for Facebooks new Headquarters in Dubai Media City. With Duphills’ extensive experience in specifying and installing hygienic floors, it was not only an honor to work with such a prestigious global brand, but also an opportunity for Duphill to demonstrate how meticulous, efficient and dedicated the team are.

Sherwin Williams FasTop SL45 was specified for Facebook’s kitchens for many reasons. The 4-5mm thick flooring does not only provide a great aesthetic value but also the high chemical and temperature resistance that is offered by the flooring system, which was the perfect solution to Facebook’s kitchen requirements. FasTop SL45 is a non-taint, no odor polyurethane screed which improves indoor air quality with its low VOC and is in compliance with ISO 22196. It contains an antimicrobial agent that reduces bacterial growth on the surface by up to 99%. The system is also extremely durable and can handle high traffic and heavy loads, requiring  minimal maintenance and retaining its quality for over 10 years.

Duphill‘s team were able to apply FasTop SL45 to Facebook HQ’s kitchen floors over a 2 week period and the results were outstanding. Upon the request of the client, the flooring solution obtains a sleek flint look and offers a seamless, continuous surface, whilst also delivering a hygienic and exceptionally durable finish.