Red Hat

Completion Date: April 2022

Area Applied: 130 m2

Client: INC Solutions

System: Microtopping®

Founded in 1993, Red Hat specialises in open-source software products for the use of enterprises worldwide. Providing programs for storage systems, applications, management products and training support, the company continues to be a catalyst in open-source communities, helping clients and companies build flexible IT infrastructure solutions. In 2019, the success of Red Hat was well recognised and the company was acquired by the prestigious IBM for approximately 34 billion dollars, making it the largest software acquisition in history. The ever-growing accomplishments of Red Hat have continued to develop the company vastly and with this tremendous expansion, the company offices have reached over 43 countries around the world. The newest office is located in Al Sufouh, Dubai, and our workforce were delighted to support the construction process.

To replicate the design concepts from INC Solutions, our creative workforce applied Microtopping onto the flooring and benches within the breakroom and meeting areas. The design we were presented contained two colours of flooring with a stencil design and faded edges which our team replicated in a series of samples before taking our artistry to the site.  Applied at only 3-4mm thick, we were able to apply the product directly onto the previous surfaces to support the project turnaround and reduce any site wastage. The durability and high resistance of Microtopping made it the perfect solution for the fit-out as it is able to withstand consistent foot traffic and offers an easy to clean, seamless surface to encourage the longevity of the application. This project was a great demonstration of Duphill’s boundless capabilities.

No matter the design, our workforce is always determined to bring our clients designs to life and support them from concept to execution. Our team worked closely with the partner contractors to give our client the finish they had dreamed of and we are extremely pleased to see our final design being put to good use. With such a creative design and outstanding solutions, Red Hat’s flooring is guaranteed to catch the attention of the companies’ staff and visitors.